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We specialise in Arts management with a focus on business development. We help cultural spaces, art foundations, art galleries and not-for-profit organisations with strategy, performance improvement and organisation.

Differentiation is the essence of strategy. We act as art and business catalysts and enable vision creation. With our in-depth understanding of the art world we develop insights that help our clients shape their uniqueness, promote their artistic program, sharpen their positioning and reach their full potential.

What we do. We partner with arts organisations to create culture and help translate the conceptual and practical issues characteristic of the visual arts, the performing arts and performance art into customised management practices.

Expertise. We choreograph transformation for arts organisations and provide management decision-making support. Our core Arts management services range from creating tailored business plans, marketing plans and financial forecasts to implementing and managing arts-related projects.

Impact. We set up art spaces, implement marketing communications, operations management and controlling processes and help our clients promote their art to strategic target groups. Together, we produce sustainable success that is measurable by both critical reception and value.

How can we help? Our eclectic cultural and business backgrounds provide wide-ranging expertise that unites the world of arts and culture with the world of business and market values.

Practically speaking...

We share your passion for the arts and...

  • We help you conceptualise, materialise and run your ideal art space
  • We help you promote art and artists internationally
  • We assist you in envisioning, developing and expanding within the art world
  • We ensure that art theorists, critics, curators, collectors and audiences join your programs
  • We help you develop links with museums and institutions

We offer the following consultancy services...

  • Art space launching services for profit or not-for-profit arts organisations and foundations
  • Bespoke business and financial plans
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Customer strategy and marketing
  • Commercial operations support
  • Development of sales plans and profit targets
  • Operations management
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising
  • New media and technology optimisation for the art world

Art Collection Management & Development for Corporations

Patronage is the most sophisticated form of cultural engagement.

We believe that building a corporate art collection brings an immense source of gratification and that it is driven by passion. To build and conceive a corporate art collection is a fascinating pursuit that fulfills a wide set of business needs.

What we do is ensure that the collecting process becomes one of significant aesthetic and intellectual relevance for those involved and that the collecting experience becomes an art in its own right.

Corporate art collections realise various worthy roles. They aesthetically enrich work environments and provide culture to each customer segment of an organisation.

While contributing to the promotion of art and artists globally, they reinforce corporate social responsibility strategies. Investing in a corporate art collection means diversifying asset classes into real objects that enhance the experience of being, sharpen the senses of perception and develop creativity. Corporate art collections thus generate an essential dialogue between various groups and contribute to corporate well-being.

Collecting art is an aesthetic and intellectual adventure and there is almost a utopian aspect to commissioning and collecting art. Integrating art into architecture and contextualizing a collection creates an excitement that we will help you to experience.

Practically speaking...

Practically speaking

  • Through art, we bring C-level executives and their employees, clients and the general public a tremendous source of inspiration. Art in the corporate environment conveys an aesthetic and/or conceptual experience that enlightens and exhilarates, and that produces creative energy and strong identification to the business.
  • Through art patronage and corporate social responsibility, we help businesses reinforce their identities and positioning strategies.
  • Art is a long-term, non-correlated returns alternative asset class. Find more information about art market financial returns on the Mei Moses Fine Art Index »

We bring expertise and offer:

  • Artwork commissioning support and advice
  • Art collection assessment and development services for new or existing art collection projects
  • A holistic approach to art collection outsourcing
Information about Art Collection Management

Art collection management for corporations

  • We advise in commissioning or acquiring the best and finest artworks and installations for corporate art collection while orchestrating negotiations and biddings with contemporary artists, galleries and auction houses.
  • We research, register and catalogue.
  • We advise on insuring, protecting, preserving and securing artworks.
  • We curate exhibitions or liaise with curators and artists, we oversee the loan process, and we help promote the works to multiple groups.
  • We evaluate the impact of deaccessioning on a collection's quality, coherence and value and, where applicable, we deaccession artworks when they have lost relevance or when funds for new works are needed. In addition, we provide sale and charitable donation strategy advice.
  • We make sure collections matches the highest standards of professional and ethical practices.
Information about Curatorial Services

Curatorial services for corporations

  • We offer curatorial services for the display and interpretation of artworks, museum quality exhibition development and design, and the production of cultural meaning for corporate collections. We aim at bringing art historical relevance, meaning and coherence to shape distinction and legacy for both the business and the art collection.
  • We recommend and guide loaning artworks to Museum and gallery exhibitions. Loaning artworks provides an exposure that benefits the collection both in critical and financial terms.
  • On demand and to reach wider audiences, we publish catalogues or produce films to historically contextualise the collection within frames of post-modern discourse.


London based, Laurent Cottier Arts Management has specialised in Arts management for profit and not-for-profit cultural spaces and art galleries.

In addition, we offer project management for art space launches and, by request, arts operations and development services.

We provide art collection management and development, art collection outsourcing and art collection curatorial services for corporations.

We work in close partnership with a network of specialist art galleries, commissioning consultants and agencies, private dealers, auction houses and institutions.

Laurent Cottier

Swiss founder Laurent Cottier enjoys years of activity in international business management combined with an in depth knowledge of the art world. It is business acumen and passion for art that drives Laurent Cottier Arts Management.

Our mission is to promote art and artists internationally, to deliver business consultancy excellence and to bring post-war and contemporary art expertise to our clients.

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